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List of Last Mile Tires With Their Sizes & Recommended Tire Pressure PSI

HM Winner Tyre

HM Winner gets 175 R 14C – 6 PR tyres

Tata Super Ace Tyre

Tata Super Ace gets 165R14 LT, 165D14 tyres

Tata Ace Mega Tyre

Tata Ace Mega  165R14 LT, 165D14 Tyres

Tata Ace Zip Tyre

Tata Ace Zip gets 155D12, 145R12 LT Tyres

Mahindra Supro Maxi Tyre

Mahindra Supro Mini gets 155/80 R13 Tyres

Mahindra Supro Mini Tyre

Mahindra Supro Mini gets 155/80 R13 Tyres

Mahindra Gio Tyre

Mahindra Gio gets 4.50 – 10 LT 8PR Tyres

Mahindra Imperio Tyre

Mahindra Imperio get 225/75 R16 Tyres

Ashok Leyland Dost Tyre

Ashok Leyland Dost  gets 185 R14 LT, 8PR Tyres

Force Trump Tyre

Force Trump gets 165R14 LT, 165D14 Tyres


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